The Tapper Twins

The funniest books you’ve ever read are in stores and libraries now!

And there are FOUR of them! Read on for more info, or go to to check out preview chapters, watch videos starring Claudia and Reese, and a whole lot more!

The fun starts with The Tapper Twins Go To War (With Each Other). Claudia and Reese are 12-year-old twins who live in New York City and couldn’t be more different–except in their determination to crush each other when a (mostly) harmless prank leads to an all-out war fought everywhere from Apartment 6D…to their middle school cafeteria…to the darkest corners of the Internet.

And did I mention there are pictures? THERE ARE PICTURES.TT1_MantoliniTT1_toes Lots of them.



text messages… TT1_text …screenshots… InvisibleDeath2

That’s from the aftermath of a major battle in The Tapper Twins Go To War (With Each Other).

And things get even crazier in The Tapper Twins Tear Up New York

Claudia, Reese, and all their friends take to the streets in a high-stakes scavenger hunt across Manhattan, and things get a little out of hand in Times Square:

TT2_Times_Square_rev Okay, a LOT out of hand.

And on September 6, 2016, sibling rivalry reaches new heights in The Tapper Twins Run for President

Claudia and Reese face off against each other with the presidency of Culvert Prep’s sixth grade class on the line, and when class troublemaker James Mantolini joins the race, democracy gets weird… Really, REALLY weird:

RobotsBrick But the fun doesn’t stop there! In THE TAPPER TWINS GO VIRAL, Claudia and Reese set their sights on viral-video Internet fame and get a whole lot more than they bargained for. It’s a cautionary (and hilarious) tale of online trolls, unforeseen consequences, and how NOT to act on line that every kid (and parent) should read.

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