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It’s a comic novel for middle graders!

It’s a how-to guide that can help kids create awesome stories of their own!

It’s illustrated by the amazing Hatem Aly!

It’s the first in a new book series by the amazing STORY PIRATES, whose nationwide shows feature improv comics acting out stories written by actual kids!

It’s got a premise–that a brilliant scientist and a much less brilliant janitor find themselves battling angry cavemen and a dyspeptic saber-toothed tiger in 10,000 B.C. due to a malfunctioning time machine–that was cooked up by the I’m-embarrassed-to-admit-he’s-funnier-than-me 11-year-old Vince Boberski of Memphis, Tennessee!

Actually…I think Vince might be 13 by now. But he was 11 back when he submitted the contest-winning idea that led to our collaboration! The book business moves reaaally slowly. But I digress. Back to the hype:

STUCK IN THE STONE AGE IS ALL OF THESE THINGS AT ONCE! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of books!

And if you’re a kid (or a kid at heart!) who wants to A) laugh a lot, or B) learn how to tell awesome stories of your own, at any length and in any genre, you should check it out.


Most books do. I realize that. But the cover was JUST REVEALED TODAY! You can read more about it here on super-librarian Betsy Bird’s blog!

OR you can watch the LIVE FACEBOOK BROADCAST (okay, it’s not live anymore, but it was at the time) of the cover reveal at the Drama Book Shop in NYC!

Or you can click this link to preorder the book!

Or look for it in stores when it comes out on March 20th! It’s a really cool project, and a ton of fun whether you’re interested in learning how to write cool stories of your own, or you just want to laugh and not learn anything at all.

Here’s that cover again, only bigger. (Nice! Right? Hatem Aly is awesome.)


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An Awesome Writing Contest for Kid Authors! (And a New Book!)

Are you (or do you know) an elementary- or middle-school-aged kid who likes to write stories?

If so, the always amazing Story Pirates arts and education group is looking for a kid-generated story idea for their new book!

It’s going to be a mystery, it’s going to be funny, and it’s DEFINITELY going to be awesome, because it’ll be written by New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline West, creator of the Books of Elsewhere series!

If you’ve got an idea for a mystery, click this link to submit it — and if your idea gets chosen, you’ll not only get the unique thrill of seeing Jacqueline turn it into a book-length story, you’ll earn $500 cash and a Story Pirates performance at your own school! (Just make sure you get your submission in fast, because the deadline is JULY 21st!)

In case you’re wondering how I know so much about this particular project, it’s because Jacqueline’s mystery is the second installment in the new STORY PIRATES PRESENT book series that pairs up kid writers with professional authors…and I wrote the first one! It’s a science fiction comedy called STUCK IN THE STONE AGE, it’s based on an idea from the truly hilarious 12-year-old Vince Boberski of Memphis, Tennessee,and it’s coming to a bookstore near you on March 20, 2018! (That’s me and Vince on the right. Vince is the one who still has hair.)

STUCK IN THE STONE AGE is a ton of fun to read — and if you’re an aspiring writer, there’s a whole section at the back of the book that’ll help you write stories of your own! It’s called the STORY CREATION ZONE, and if you’re into that kind of thing, it’s as much fun as the story itself!

You can preorder STUCK IN THE STONE AGE now at Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Indiebound.

And if you enter the contest before July 21st, you could find yourself having as much fun as Vince looks like he’s having in this video the Story Pirates took of the day they announced that we’d picked his story for the first book! Check it out:

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