Thanks, Librarians! (In Florida! And Maine!)

Woke up this morning to the very welcome news that THE TAPPER TWINS GO TO WAR (WITH EACH OTHER) made Florida’s 2016-17 Sunshine State Young Readers Award list!


Then my (much more successful) friend Tommy Greenwald pointed out to me that THE TAPPER TWINS also made the Maine Student Book Award list! Which is equally exciting!

If you’re an eligible schoolkid in Florida or Maine, please vote! For any book on the list! Doesn’t have to be the Tapper Twins. (Although it’d be awesome if it was. Especially because the more votes the Tapper Twins get in this kind of thing, the more likely it is that there will be more Tapper Twins books beyond the first four.)

Below is the original tweet from the Florida Association for Media in Education, along with a link to a Youtube video featuring all the books on the list. And click here for the full Maine list!

Many, many thanks to all the awesome librarians in Maine and Florida who thought enough of the Tapper Twins to include it in the company of such a great group of books.

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