Blue Sea Burning Is (Almost) Here!

Want to find out how The Chronicles of Egg series ends? Want to have Blue Sea Burning delivered to your doorstep when it comes out next Thursday? NOW WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT TIME TO PREORDER:9780399257872_Blue_Sea_Burning

At Amazon

At Barnes & Noble

At Indiebound

At Powell’s

You won’t regret it.

And if you do, I’ll refund your money!

(No, I won’t. But you’ll love the book! I promise.)

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3 Responses to Blue Sea Burning Is (Almost) Here!

  1. Great! Congratulations! My grandson keep asking WHEN….and by now you know that I am as anxious as he is to find out how this all ends. I have had a ball with Egg and the plot twists you’ve thrown our way.I am sure Blue Sea Burning will be every bit as enjoyable as the first two chronicles.

  2. (PS. I alerted our local library to order their copy.)

  3. Geoff says:

    Thanks, Tonette!

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