New Lands: Now Available in Paperback!

Wondering why hundreds of people were lined up outside your local bookstore* this morning?

They were waiting to buy the paperback edition of New Lands!9780147510648_New_Lands

The excitement’s understandable. I mean, not only is the new cover art gorgeous, but if they don’t finish the book by the end of the month, they’ll miss out on the worldwide cultural buzz accompanying the release of Blue Sea Burning on April 3rd!

Which I’m sure you’ve already circled on your calendar. In fact, you’re probably already putting together your mutilated pirate costume to wear to the midnight release party.**

And while the line to buy New Lands in person might still be hours long by the time you get down to the bookstore,*** you can avoid the crowds and have it delivered to your door! Just click any of these links:

New Lands paperback at Amazon

New Lands paperback at Barnes&Noble

New Lands paperback at Indiebound

You’re going to love it! How could you not? These are the most exciting, funny, thrilling, and emotionally engaging books written in English for a middle-grade audience since Roald Dahl kicked the bucket.****


*Lines outside bookstores may vary in length, composition, and purpose.

**Midnight release parties not available in all areas.

***The absence of a line at your bookstore should not be taken as evidence of a lack of global hysteria surrounding the Chronicles of Egg series. Many booksellers employ sophisticated crowd-management techniques in situations such as this.

****Claims made as to the merits of any work of fiction are inherently subjective, and as such must be considered valid regardless of their extravagance.

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