Brand! New! Covers!

The Chronicles of Egg books are about to get a whole lot more awesome:

EGG_HQNot that they weren’t already awesome.

And I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover.

But still. These are pretty great. Especially the new Deadweather cover.

Incidentally, if you don’t already own Deadweather and Sunrise and New Lands, YOU NEED TO BUY THEM RIGHT NOW (preferably by clicking one of the “Get the Books!” links on the right side of the page).

Because pretty soon, the first edition covers will be gone for good.

Which means they are going to be ENORMOUSLY VALUABLE COLLECTOR’S ITEMS.

(I hope.)

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6 Responses to Brand! New! Covers!

  1. “If we don’t have them”? Are you kidding??? My grandson was complaining just the other morning on the way to school that he feels it is taking way too long for the final volume to come out.I told him to let other people around the world get caught up in the others and join us.Frankly,I will find the ending bittersweet.I will miss the characters and waiting to see what would become of them next.
    And there won’t really be a collector’s version of “Blue Sea Burning”…or will there?
    Good luck and I hope you travel our way soon.

  2. Debbie McComb says:

    Love the new covers but it is what’s inside that the kids really like!

  3. Katharine says:

    These are very cool – but please tell me Blue Sea Burning will be released in the original 1st Edition cover scheme? I really hate it when I buy a series and the covers/sizes don’t match!

  4. Geoff says:

    The good news is I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same SIZE as the other books. Same cover scheme…not so much. That new Blue Sea Burning is the only one Penguin’s releasing.

  5. V. Crew says:

    Personally, I liked the old covers better, although these are pretty cool. And I already own the first two books with the original cover art, so I guess I’ll just have to borrow the last book at the library when it comes out, instead of buying it (I hate owning a mismatched book series).
    Love Deadweather and Sunrise, by the way! It’s one of my favorite children’s books, and I’m excited to read Blue Sea Burning!

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with you people??? The new covers are way cool. We have the first two books in original artwork, but I think the third with different artwork will show the evolution of the work and its popularity. Yes, our first two are signed for my kids so we are hanging on to those collectors’ items…

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