Endangered Authors Tour Diary, Day 10


Or, more accurately, the suburbs of Chicago! Not far from where I grew up. I feel like I’m home again, especially after the breakfast buffet at the hotel raised my cholesterol level by thirty points. (Not many people know this, but the state motto of Illinois is “Everything’s Better With Cheese On Top”.)

Our first stop was Lincoln Elementary in Oak Park, where awesome librarian Carolyn Frame managed to coax my dying camera into recording a few decent photos of the crowd of enthusiastic, super-fun kids:IMG_1639b


Here’s Jacqueline, confessing to her longstanding fear of “deep water, most basements, the telephone, and any fish larger than a hot dog bun”:



Then it was on to Cossitt Avenue Elementary in LaGrange, where–in an odd coincidence–my mother attended school in 1949. Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of the teachers remembered her.

Librarian Kelly Davis and her horde of parent volunteers couldn’t have been more awesome (thanks for the cookies!), and the kids were phenomenal. Following is a shot of some of them, along with Adam’s rear end:


Why am I including Adam’s rear end? Because earlier that morning at Lincoln Elementary, a kid asked Adam, “Do you always wear such tight pants?”


I want to say a special thank you to Kelly and all the other staff at Cossitt Avenue for getting so many copies of Deadweather and Sunrise into their students’ hands. Here’s a line of them waiting for me to sign their books, which I am including because no one has ever stood in a line this long to get one of my books signed, and I am very, very flattered:  IMG_1656b


Here are Curtis, Jacqueline, Adam, and our all-star media escort Bill Young leaving Cossitt Avenue. Nice building, right?



It looked pretty much exactly the same when my mom walked to school with her friends back in 1949:


Hi, Mom! Sorry I didn’t ask permission before posting this.

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