Endangered Authors Tour Diary, Day 5

Our second day in Miami! Even more humid than yesterday. Good thing we’re headed to Houston after this, because…oh, right. Never mind.

Our first stop this morning was Palmer Trinity School in Palmetto Bay, home of the World’s Greatest Librarian, Ruthanne Vogel (time to raise your game, Other Librarians!). And some fantastic kids, too. Especially the one at the far right in the front row of red shirts:IMG_1494bSome context: Peter’s character in the show is named Holden A. Grudge. He went to ask a question of the kid on the right, who prefaced his answer with a meticulously constructed joke about Holden Caulfield that was not just hilarious, but so clever I didn’t even get half of it until Jacqueline deconstructed the truly clever part for me in the van an hour later (I’m slow that way). As you can see in the photo, Peter had to take a second to think of a comeback–which, considering how quick-witted Peter is, was a MAJOR accomplishment. That kid’s going places.

The Palmer Trinity kids who’d read our books had divided into teams, each of which had its own T-shirt. The T-shirt thing may or may not have been exciting for the kids–but it was REALLY EXCITING for me. Here’s my team:IMG_1500


And here’s my team from the back:IMG_1501

I have never had a team named after me. I have also never been asked to sign someone’s T-shirt. Let alone ten of them. Will I remember this moment on my deathbed as one of the high points of my life? Yes, I will.

Next stop was Gator Run Elementary in Weston, which is a loooooong way from Palmetto Bay. But thanks to our media escort, Emily, who looks all sweet and kindly but drove the van like she stole it, we got to Gator Run with time to spare.

Which was a good thing, because Curtis got detained for a while at the security desk on account of his not having proper ID. (Gator Run parents: believe me when I tell you that your kids are really, really, really safe.)

This was a more intimate crowd than the gymnasiums we’ve been in the past couple of days, but it made for one of the best shows we’ve done. Peter in particular was really on his game. Here’s the kids laughing at him:IMG_1509

Here’s the adults laughing at him:IMG_1517b

Here’s the kids AND the adults laughing at him:IMG_1519b

And here’s a group photo from after the show (with many thanks to Emily for both her photographic and driving skills):IMG_1522b

Finally, here’s a shot of Adam backstage, talking to a bear. Because why not?IMG_1502

Now we’ve got the weekend off. I’m going to sleep for 14 hours and then do my laundry.

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