Endangered Authors Tour Diary, Day 4

We’re in Miami! It’s humid.

This morning’s stop was Carver Middle School in Coral Gables, where the kids could not have been more awesome. In the weeks before we showed up, they’d split into teams to read our books, and the various teams drew banners…IMG_1467b


…and made posters…IMG_1469b


…and applied werewolf (or possibly were-some-other-animal) makeup…IMG_1464


…and the girls who read my book all wore pink! Not completely sure why, but it was totally cute: IMG_1466

Incidentally, everything Curtis says about these awesome girls on his Facebook page is unfair and, frankly, born of rabid jealousy…even though his team dressed as werewolves and made all the best signs. (Look for his “Days Five and Six” post, because even though it’s really only Day Four, Curtis is still on English time, which apparently is two days ahead.)

Then it was off to the fantastic Books & Books, where we signed stock and played Mad Libs.

After that, we had a rare treat: an afternoon off. I’d planned to sit by the postage-stamp-sized, chain-link-fenced, naked concrete pool at our budget hotel. But Adam–who is much more clever than I am–suggested that instead we have lunch at the historic, absurdly opulent Biltmore Hotel, then slink over to the Biltmore’s pool and pretend we belonged there.

So we did. And wow! What a pool. Here’s Adam revising The Grimm Conclusion against a foreground of Greek statuary:IMG_1479


Nice, right? You have no idea. If you sit here long enough, a uniformed pool boy will come by with a complimentary sorbet in the daintiest waffle cone I have ever seen. It looks like this:IMG_1481


And there’s free Wi-Fi! So I’m posting this while still poolside. We’ll be here until they get wise and throw us out.

Which might be soon, because I just spilled Adam’s Coke all over the patio, and now one of the pool boys is muttering into a walkie-talkie while giving us the stinkeye.

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