The Chronicles of Egg blog tour!

So, this is exciting: Deadweather and Sunrise comes out in paperback on Tuesday, and to mark the occasion, I’m going on a blog tour!

How special is this? Special enough to have its own logo!

Egg - Horizontaltourbutton

Those of you who are new to the world of middle-grade book marketing may be asking yourselves what a “blog tour” is. Turns out it’s exactly like Led Zeppelin’s 1977 tour of America, only without the, um…or the, y’know…and definitely none of the, uh…

Okay, it’s got nothing in common with Zeppelin in ’77. Or even Bieber in ’12. The truth is, I’m not even leaving my desk to go on this tour, although I might play Physical Graffiti while I type. Not sure yet.

What the blog tour REALLY is…is an eleven-day virtual tour of eleven different middle grade and YA book blogs — all of them run by thoroughly awesome bloggers to whom I am very grateful for the hospitality. (In this respect, the blog tour actually IS kind of like a fledgling punk band’s van tour, because I will be effectively sleeping on these fine bloggers’ virtual couches for the duration.)

Each day, I’ll visit a new site, write a guest post, and give away a signed copy of the Deadweather paperback. The posts will cover all manner of topics relating to Deadweather and the rest of the Chronicles of Egg series: character spotlights, origin stories, writing insights, and even a sneak peek at book 2, New Lands, which arrives in stores on May 2nd.

Here’s the full schedule, which I’ll update every time a new post appears. In the meantime, check out the sites! They’re awesome:

Tuesday, March 5th: Green Bean Teen Queen “Meet Egg Masterson”

also Tuesday: special bonus author Q&A at Bibliognome!

Wednesday, March 6th: Wanted Readers — “A Tale of Two Islands”

Thursday, March 7th: The Write Path — “Percy: The World’s Worst Tutor”Egg - verticaltourbutton

Friday, March 8th: I Read Banned Books — “The Story Behind Deadweather and Sunrise”

Monday, March 11th: A Thousand Wrongs — “Meet Millicent”

Tuesday, March 12th: Geo Librarian — “Action Sequences: Like Jokes, Only With More Blood”

Wednesday, March 13th: Chaos Is a Friend of Mine — “Meet Guts”

Thursday, March 14th: Buried in Books “Q&A With the Author”

Friday, March 15th: Book Sake — “Meet Roger Pembroke”

Monday, March 18th: Shannon Messenger — “Not Funny At All: The Real History of the Pirates of the Caribbean”

Tuesday, March 19th: There’s A Book — “An Excerpt From New Lands (Book 2 of the Chronicles of Egg)”

Some of these are real keepers, by the way. See you next week! Virtually, I mean.

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10 Responses to The Chronicles of Egg blog tour!

  1. Wonderful! I will certainly check it out ,(and I’m sure my grandson will be interested as well; you know we are both big fans). Are you looking for other sites to guest blog on? I share a writer’s blog where we also promote other writers’ works. If you aren’t too busy,We’d love to have you!

  2. Geoff says:

    Thanks for the invite! That’d be great — although I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment trying to generate all the posts for the blog tour. Maybe later in the spring? What’s your blog?

  3. I almost didn’t ask! Fantastic! ANYTIME is opened to you,Geoff, (although we are now leaving the second week of every month for just this purpose and my day is Friday.) Whenever you can, the invitation is open!

    I have two blogs , the one I share with writers is:

    “Four Foxes, One Hound”” (four women, one man)

    My other one is a food/entertaining instructional blog.I have guest writers who I know on when they want to promote. I put gourmet food and my ego aside to teach people that they CAN cook and entertain;(I have found that confidence levels are low).I had intended to do more story-telling there but it will come.That one is:

    Tonette Joyce, Food, Friends, Family :

    I’d be THRILLED to have you on both, but if you want just one, we’ll do the ‘4F,1 H’… the invitation will never expire, I am glad you have so many more! (I did not expect a “yes”, knowing how big Egg is getting.)
    Thank you!

  4. Geoff says:

    4F1H definitely sounds better, since I neither cook nor entertain competently. Will drop a line when the dust has settled on the current blog tour. Thanks!

  5. Thank YOU, Geoff; I will be waiting…take your time and best of luck!

  6. hrose2931 says:

    Just got around to visiting your blog and I am happy to be hosting you on a virtual couch on my blog. You may have to move a few books to find a spot but I’m really glad to have you visit without the um…or the you know and definitely none of the…uh!

    Buried in Books

  7. Geoff says:

    Thanks, Heather!

    Full disclosure: even virtually, there might a certain amount of “um.”

    But definitely no “uh.”

    And there will absolutely, positively not be any “y’know.”

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