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I Would Send Rick Riordan a Fruit Basket…

…if only I knew his address. Because he keeps saying such nice things about Deadweather and Sunrise:

“Another brilliant middle grade debut, Geoff Rodkey’s Deadweather and Sunrise reads like Pirates of the Caribbean as written by Lemony Snicket. Our young hero Egg Masterson lives a miserable life on an ‘ugly fruit’ plantation until his father finds a mysterious parchment, which leads Egg on a dangerous quest with plenty of pirates, battles at sea, tricky twists of fate, and a beautiful plucky heroine named Millicent. A great mix of dry humor and good old-fashioned derring-do.”

Click here for prior instances of Rick Riordan saying nice things about The Chronicles of Egg.

At this point, all I really need is an efficient means of alerting the twenty million people who’ve enjoyed his books to the fact that Rick thinks they’d enjoy mine, too.

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Google Translate: The Ragged Edge of Awesome

This is going to be a little self-indulgent. Okay, more than a little. But when you name a web site “,” self-indulgence is kind of baked into the cake. So, you know.

While obsessively googling references to Deadweather and Sunrise, I came across a review from Italian blogger Daniele Imperi. He read the English edition, but wrote his review in Italian.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Italian. But Google Translate does! Sort of.

As I discovered when it translated the Spanish edition’s rendering of Deadweather Island, la isla de Bochorno, as “Embarrassment Island”–and as my kids seem unable to accept no matter how disastrously it fails them whenever they try to cheat on their French homework–Google Translate is an imperfect tool.

But sometimes, there’s pleasure to be had in that imperfection. With a sincere grazi (I think that’s the right word) to Daniele, here are excerpts from Google Translate’s badly mangled version of what I’m sure is, in the original Italian, a very eloquent review:

“This volume begins with a saga set in an imaginary world, made up of pirates and balloons, escapes and battles, a novel for children more than enjoyable…

“The title (literally Dead Time and Smile) is dedicated to the two islands where the events take place, the antithesis of a. Very good and taken care of the environment, Rodkey has done a great job of not only getting the details and give the world its credibility must for any fantasy novel, but it has also recreated sounds and calls of the world we know…

“Deadweather Sunrise and thus appears to us to be a part of an imaginary universe, imaginative, the other a real place, tangible, that exists somewhere in the ocean, more or less where raging pirate ships.

“The Chronicles of Egg – in this case has nothing to do with the egg – are a kind of diary of boy named Eggbert and his incredible and almost tragicomic adventure…

“Deadweather and Sunrise immediately captures the reader from the opening lines, revealing sometimes adventurous, sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic. A mixture of feelings that live together in a wonderfully original story environment pirate who can renew the genre.

“Mix Treasure Island with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, softened tones in both and throw them in the island that does not exist, even in the islands that are not there, and you Deadweather and Sunrise.

“But Deadweather and Sunrise is not in either, it is an adventure novel to read, waiting for his train, to know what will happen in Egg and his friends.”

Amen to that.

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